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(de)centralized cloud
computing is the future

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Google Cloud

We are building the largest Cloud Computing Network

Pooling resources from centralized public cloud providers with decentralized edge nodes located close to users. Starting from a first principles approach, we are building the first cloud-native cloud computing company – a truly performant cloud.


As AI transforms companies, infra should evolve as well.


There's abundant computing all around us, but it's inaccessible.


The closer the server is to users, lower the latency.

serpa cloud os prosperity

Introducing the Cloud Operating System

A better cloud needs better software. At its core, the cloud is a very large computer, a computer of computers. We think it’s time to redefine how we interact with it. Prosperity OS is our take on a simpler but still powerful way to deploy and scale applications securely.

Serpa Cloud OS Prosperity

Build containers

From your source code leveraging
Buildpacks and Docker



CPU-efficient deployments requiring
10x fewer resources for scaling


Ingress Load Balancer

Expose services to internet
securely and scalably

More than Storage, Serverless or Javascript

We have Kubernetes nodes across 800 locations worldwide to run applications
in any language, using containers and Cloud Native technologies

Developers love us

We automate application management using containers and native cloud technologies, strategically placing resources near users for faster performance, so developers can innovate and deliver top experiences to their customers

Eugene Nadyrshin
Eugene Nadyrshin

"I’m as excited about Serpa as I was when I first started using Heroku. The ease of deployment, without having to worry about any of the internals, is liberating!"

Santiago Zavala
Santiago Zavala
Managing Partner, 500 Global

"As a developer, I know the big challenges of creating and maintaining a sophisticated infrastructure today, and the importance of that process being secure, automated, scalable, and cost-effective."